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USA Trains USA2090 Polished Metal Wheel Sets - 2

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Freight Car Metal Wheel Sets w/Stainless Steel Axles, 2 Axles. Non Blackened. Upgrade your plastic wheel equipped freight cars with these premium metal wheel sets from USA Trains. Stainless steel axles wont rust and cause squeaking and extra drag when left outside in the weather.

Why change from plastic wheels to metal wheels? Two very good reasons. The first is metal wheels help to keep your track clean longer. Ever notice how black residue builds up on the track until it becomes hard to keep your train moving? This is caused by the plastic wheels scuffing on the rail head as the train moves. The reason for this is simple. Train wheels are connected by a solid axle. Being connected together by a solid axle means that both wheels must turn at identical speeds at all times. However the actual distance the wheel is required to travel through a curve section of track differs between the inside and outside rail. The wheel traveling on the outside rail must travel farther than the wheel traveling on the inside rail as it rolls the curve. How is that possible if both wheels are connected by a solid axle? Simple - It's Not! The opposed wheels must scuff or spin on the rail surface as they fight one another to grip the rail head. When this friction occurs heat is created and tiny particles of plastic wheel residue continue to build on the rail head. Metal wheels are not effected by the scuffing action like the soft plastic wheel is. Your track will stay cleaner longer giving you more time to run trains instead of cleaning track. The second reason is simple physics, metal wheels are heavier. The heavier metal wheel adds additional down force below the cars center of gravity and below the coupler draw bar center line. When this happens your trains stay on the track better, especially longer trains that may tend to pull cars off the track in curves.

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