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Learning Company READRABKINDER Reader Rabbit Kindergarten 2CDs

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Put on your jumping shoes and bounce your way through this FUNtastic learning adventure with Reader Rabbit! Filled with colorful characters and exciting places, Balloon Town is more fun than you can imagine. There's just one problem the Dreamship is trapped in the Pointy Palace! Use the skills you have, and learn more along the way, as you play your way through eight different activities in phonics, matching, rhyming, math, and more! From collecting musical instruments to sorting balloons at the post office, each activity gets you closer to finding the Dreamship!

  • Bounce through 8 fun activities Cocoon Balloon Patterns, Snail Mail Sorting, Oyster Memory Matching, Bounceketball Dunk 'n.
  •  Rhyme, Bubble Wrapper Reading, Piggy Plane Math, and Silly Phonics Slide!.
  • Enjoy 2 ways to play! Start your learning adventure through a fun-filled story or choose specific skills to practice.
  • Play at the right skill level every time activities automatically adjust to your child or you can set them yourself and choose the method that best meets your child's needs!.
  • Enjoy additional songs and movies that fill this fantastic journey with non-stop fun and adventure!.
  • Watch your child's advancing skills and achievements with the Progress Tracking Reports.

    All new 2nd CD! Twice the Learning! Twice the fun!

    Double your learning excitement with Reader Rabbits Dreamship Tales a bonus CD bursting with more than 100 printable games and activities. Its the perfect way to keep the fun and discovery alive even after the computers turned off!

    Stretch your imagination with more than 100 engaging printable activities.

    Sing along with ten irresistible Reader Rabbit tunes. (Great for listening at the computer, or on a regular CD player!)

    Enjoy stimulating videos that bring each song to life.

    Includes 4 extra skill-building activities!

    Discover core skills in Reader Rabbit Kindergarten:

  • Recognizing numbers.
  • Counting objects.
  • Adding.
  • Creating equivalent equations.
  • Solving math problems.
  • Recognizing letters.
  • Building vocabulary.
  • Developing phonic skills.
  •  Sound/letter relationship.
  •  Letter blends.
  •  Digraphs.
  • Identifying rhyming words.
  • Following oral directions.
  • Listening comprehension.
  • Sequencing.
  • Using clues to complete rhymes.
  • Sorting by attributes.
  • Extending patterns using shapes.
  • Distinguishing between shapes and colors.
  • Painting and Coloring.
  • Creating calendars.
  • Creating music.

    System Requirements for Windows:

  • Processor: 166 MHz Pentium® or faster (Pentium® II 300 MHz or faster for XP).
  • Operating System: Windows® 95, 98,ME, 2000, XP.
  • RAM: 32 MB (128 MB RAM needed for XP).
  • Hard Disk: 100MB available.
  • CD-ROM: 8X speed.
  • Monitor: 16-bit thousands of colors.
  • Audio: Soundblaster 16 or compatible, speakers.
  • Other: Mouse.
  • Recommended: Color printer, Microphone, Internet Access.

    Macintosh System Requirements:

  • Processor: 180 MHz or faster.
  • Operating System: System 8.6-9.X and OSX.
  • Hard Disk: 100 MB available.
  • RAM: 32MB.
  • CD-ROM: 8X speed.
  • Monitor: 16-bit thousands of colors.
  • Audio: 16-bit Stereo.
  • Sound Other: Mouse.
  • Recommended: Color printer, Microphone, Internet access.


  • Retail box.

    Operating System:

  • Windows & macintosh.

    Suitable For:

  • Ages: 4-6.

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